Druid Call
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Druid Call, A Gathering of Druids

Our Speakers

The event is organized and presented by cooperative group of Groves and individuals from many different organizations. The general public and members of groves from any modern druid organization are welcome and eagerly invited to join us and share in this special weekend.

Your Hosts

Tragyn Whitestar

Spiritual Guide, Springwood Grove Cofounder and Druid Call Event Organizer

In early childhood Tragyn sought and embraced esoteric Buddhism. Love and respect of all things natural and his Scottish ancestory fuels his interest in revival Druidry which he embraces as a framework for his native American and Buddhist spiritual path. Tragyn's greatest life achievement is convincing Leslie to marry him and have his two amazing children.

Leslie Narron

Spiritual Guide, Springwood Grove Cofounder and Druid Call Event Organizer

Leslie is the hot chick in green. (Guess who wrote this bio?) She is a DGFC Druid, AODA priestess, Mother and brilliant spiritual leader of Springwood Grove. She enjoys nature, belly dance, and yoga. She is a highly respected druid mentor for the DGFC study grove and is also holds a charter to lead an AODA study grove.


Planned speakers include such notables as:

John Michael Greer AODA.org

Author and AODA Grand Archdruid

John Michael, Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids
in America, is a prolific author in the fields of Druid nature spirituality, esoteric traditions, and environmental issues, with sixteen books in print. His most recent titles include The Druid Magic Handbook (Weiser, 2008) and The Long Descent: A User's Guide to the End of the Industrial Age (New Society, 2008). He lives in the mountains of southern Oregon with his wife Sara.

Nathairwen - Paul Anthony Dunn FirstCircleDruids.com

DGFC Arch Druid, Cofounder and  Elder

Nathairwen ("White Serpent") is the Arch Druid and co-founder of the Druid Gorsedd of the First Circle based in Southeastern Tennessee. For over 30 years, Nathairwen has practiced various traditional Bardic skills such as poetry, metalworking and smith crafting. He has studied herbs and healing, and is an accomplished guitar musician and songwriter. Nathairwen holds a B.S. degree in metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and is a gifted spiritual counselor. He is a member of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and Comhaltacht Draiocht.

Dr. John Gilbert  UniversalGnostic.com

Gnostic Bishop and and Former AODA Archdruid

John Gilbert has a Ph.D. in education administration and curriculum, an MBA in business administration and a D.D. in comparative religions. He has been a professor of mysticism, comparative religion and esoteric spirituality for Universal Seminary since 1972. He is considered to be a Kaballah Master and a Meditation Master by the Seminary and most of his students. In his capacity as business manager of the Seminary, he has helped over 100 students enter the priesthood and start their own businesses in order to support their ministry. John is a Master Essene Healer, Reiki Master and a naturopath who teaches healing, health and nutrition through the Seminary, Envision 4 Health, the Order of Modern Essenes and the Licensed Spiritual Health Certification Board.

Dr. Gilbert was ordained as a Gnostic priest in 1972, became acting bishop in 1984 and consecrated as a Gnostic bishop in 1994. He was elected to the office of archbishop in the Universal Gnostic Church four months later. He currently serves as the archbishop for the Gnostic Yoga Fellowship which was formed in 2002. He is an officer or former officer in the Order of Spiritual Alchemy, Ancient Order of Druids in America, Magickal Order of the Golden Dawn, Order of Modern Essenes, Intentional Prayer Project, Order of Mary, Ancient Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons, and several other organizations within the Universal Gnostic Church.

Sara Greer AODA.org

AODA Archdruid

Sara is Archdruid of Water, has been involved in modern Druidry
since Lughnasadh 1994. She is an archpriestess in the AODA and in the Druid arm of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. In addition to AODA, she is a member of OBOD, RDNA, and the Druid Gorsedd of the First Circle. Under her pen name Clare Vaughn she is coauthor of two books, Learning Ceremonial Magic and Pagan Prayer Beads.

James Lock RedEarthADF.org

ADF Affiliate Grove Senior Druid

James Lock is a founding member and Senior Druid of the Grove of the Red Earth, ADF in the Atlanta, GA area, the local affiliate of ADF (Ar nDraiocht Fein), also known as “A Druid Fellowship”.  James has been a member of ADF for four years. He is also  a member of the ADF Grove Organizing Committee; the Preceptor of the Hellenic Kin; a member of the Magicians, Seers, and  Liturgists Guilds; a mentor for members involved in our Dedicant Program; and a student in the Clergy Training Program. 

Shalaf-El - Todd Morris FirstCircleDruids.com

DGFC Arch Druid Regent

Todd has been a student of Eastern and Western occult/esotericism for almost 13 years. He started independent Cabalistic studies in 1996 on the day of his 25th birthday under the tutelage of a Cabalistic Ravim by the name of Abra.Began. He began his studies in Druidry in late 1997 within the Druid Order, Druid Gorsedd of the First Circle. Todd is presently the active Arch-Druid Regent of the Druid Gorsedd of the First Circle.

and others!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn and share with these great Druid leaders!

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