Druid Call
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Druid Call, A Gathering of Druids

Attendance Information

Diversity - Nature is a great teacher and can guide us in our daily lives. We also believe that nature clearly holds diversity in the highest regard. This event will celebrate that simple idea. There will be a wide variety of people attending this event with numerous views on a tremendous array of subjects. Part of the value of this event is to share our differences. We ask that everyone make their best effort to respect the opinions of others. We also ask that all attendees voice their own opinions in a respectful manner. Let us all be responsible for only our own words and let the actions and words of others speak for themselves. Our sacred Druid Call goes out to one and all and within this grove we value seedlings and giants equally.

Updated: What to Bring - You! Also bring your ritual wear, a mug for hot beverages, and any crafts, art or writing you want to show off. Also, bring a pillow or something for sitting on the ground for meditation and maybe a lawn chair for when we go outside. Please no ritual swords or alcohol in the public areas of the park!

Children - We love children and would like our future events to be inclusive of them. However our inability to guarantee safe care prevents us from offering any services for children at this inaugural event. Most of the activities and workshops presented will require intense attention and personal participation, including periods of silence and meditative states.

While we recommend children not attend we leave it up to parents to decide if a child is mature enough to participate without distracting others. This can mean the child may be required to be completely silent for extended periods of time. Parents must provide direct supervision for their own children at all times. If a child becomes disruptive we expect the parent to remove the child from the workshop immediately. A ticket must be purchased for everyone attending sessions and no refunds can be issued. Any attendee below the age of 18 must have a responsible adult guardian in attendance.

This event will have a very full and busy schedule. Our recommendation is that parents not bring children in order to fully concentrate on the event without distraction. We highly recommend that if you do bring children with you to the park that an alternate care-giver be brought as well. The group shelter where most activities will occur is fairly remote from the rest of the park. The park will be open to the general public during the event and the likelihood of contact with strangers is extremely high. While there are a few playgrounds the park features extremely rugged terrain and natural beauty that demand children be under constant supervision.  We therefore cannot recommend leaving children unsupervised anywhere in the park at any time.

Alcohol - Alcohol is not allowed in any public-use area of the park. In other words, they don't want people to be walking around with alcohol in the park in the presence of the general public. However, we are allowed to have alcoholic beverages at the group shelter, campsites and cottages if it is kept discreet, and in cups, not in cans or bottles.

Pets - Please leave your pets at home. Although pets are allowed at the Park if leashed, they must be accompanied by the owner at all times (you can't leave them at your tent), and they are not allowed at the group lodge (where the workshops are taking place.)

Email us with questions or comment at info@druidcall.com
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