Druid Call
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Druid Call, A Gathering of Druids


Actual offerings may change due to unforeseen circumstances

Delicious Meals Included with Admission!

Dinner on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday and 2 meals on Sunday. Both vegetarian and omnivore meals will be provided with complimentary water, tea and coffee provided throughout the day. Sodas will be available for a modest charge.

Bring your own mugs!

Bardic Skills Contest

Sign up for the Bardic Skills Contest. Join in this light hearted contest which will be judged by a show of hands Saturday evening. You can Sing, dance, tell stories or recite poetry. If your tale or song includes a life lesson all the better! Presentations will be interspaced during the day Saturday. Please limit your presentations to no more than 8 minutes. Sign up by sending an email with your name and title of performance for introduction purposes to info@druidCall.com or you can sign up on site.

Ritual Wear

The group venue is actually quite private from the rest of the park. Please feel free to bring and wear ritual wear or not as you prefer. Saturday we'll have rituals morning and evening and seminars all day so you may want to wear something comfy underneath your robes so you can slip them off easily. On Friday and Sunday comfortable casual wear is probably your best choice.

Crafts, writings, Druid Art, etc.

Please feel free to bring crafts etc. to show off. We'll set up a table for folks to display stuff on. We'd love to see your handiwork and talents! Low key personal sales are acceptable in the group shelter.


We will have a few select vendors selling books, herbs, gifts, etc. TShirts with the Druid Call image can be ordered with prepayment.



1:30 pm - 9 pm [Group Shelter]

Registration, Check In, Set-up, Meet & Greet


Celebrating Diversity’s Place in Nature and Spirituality

Druid Revival

An overview of the Druid Revival movement from a historical and philosophical perspective.

Working with the Dead

Not sure what to do when your late Uncle Fred shows up by your bedside
at 3 AM?  Worried about a friend who passed recently but seems to be
hanging around?  Want to follow up on some odd dreams you've had about
an ancestor, or that peculiar experience you had in an old hotel?  Sara
will give you some basic tips and guidelines on how to handle these and
other situations that involve working with the spirits of the dead."

Cabalistic Druidry

6:30 pm [Group Shelter]


Open Socializing


8 am [Group Shelter]

Group Shelter Opens


Opening Ritual performed by Springwood Grove


Celebrating Diversity’s Place in Nature and Spirituality

ADF Cosmology and Ritual

The Five Types of Druids


12:30 pm [Group Shelter]


1:30 pm [Group Shelter]

Herbalism Seminar

Druid Magic

Explanation of Sunday's Walking Meditation and Fire Ritual

5:30 pm [Group Shelter]


6:30 pm - 10 pm [Group Shelter]

A very special Ritual

Bardic performances, socializing, clean-up, prep for Sunday

Note: We must vacate shelter by 9:45 and anyone going off premise must leave the park by 10 pm.


Check out for cabins-can drop off key at any time before 11am; tents need to vacate campsite by 1pm. Guests may wish to get up early to take care of these logistics!

7 am [ Picnic Shelter #2 or #3 ]


Meditation in the Park

Meet for a introductory Meditation lesson followed by a Walking Meditation down to the creek. (Meal Ticket Holders are welcome to join us!)

9:30 am  [ Group Shelter ]

Fire Ritual (Meal Ticket Holders are welcome!)

Light Breakfast

10 am   [ Group Shelter ]

Preparing for the Inevitable

Essene Healing Breath

12:30   [ Group Shelter ]


1:30 pm  - 5 pm [ Group Shelter ]

Walking the Druid Path

After we've gotten excited about Druidry where do we go next? John Michael will discuss ways to practice Druidry. He will use the example of the AODA spirals program to discuss ways to incorporate and practice Druidry in our daily life. He will invite input from our other speakers on ways they approach this in their own paths from the perspective of other Druid orders. Bring your questions!

Q&A for all speakers. Any meetings, discussions, private initiations, etc.
(Dinner not served on Sunday)

Email us with questions or comment at info@druidcall.com/a>
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